3D Character Animation

3D Character Animation

Thinking of doing something unique for communication with your clientele? We know what will make your clients go wow! Choose something from our bouquet of services.

Where the Character comes alive

We are empowered with the art of visualizing anything you like in 3D. Our team can produce life-like results by building character through latest tools, techniques and software. We can mold the character to give it desired features, sculpt it and even animate the character mesh. Our specialization is precision in everything we do. We enhance the 3D models in such a way that they steal the show. With 3D Modeling, we give details to the model and make them realistic. With the help of polygon models, we transfer the details of the sculpture on them. We have an expert team of professionals for sculpting, modelling, rigging, shading, simulation and even animation.

Why Choose Panther?

We are a bunch of creative professionals who are capable to deliver the desired results using the latest in the box and even out of it. We are always on the hunt to find something new that excites your clientele in the best possible way. We know the latest happenings in the industry and try to incorporate the same while designing. Our team is empowered with the right tools and techniques to make your brand shine from the rooftop. We will make sure your objective is met.

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