VFX Compositing / Editing

Compositing / VFX / Editing
Visual Effects have come a long way since the time they were introduced. Enhance the effects of your videos with our international grade visual effects.

A Class Apart

At Panther Studio, we have been offering best-in-class VFX solutions to not only domestic but also clients based across the shores. Our many years of experience in VFX have matured us. However, our practices are not outdated, thanks to our young professionals and enthusiastic team. Our expertise lies in delivering complex VFX. We take care of concept design, pre-visualization, look development, matte painting, on-set supervision, 3D animation, compositing, Television projects .

Why Choose Panther?

We are a bunch of creative professionals who are capable to deliver the desired results using the latest in the box and even out of it. We are always on the hunt to find something new that excites your clientele in the best possible way. We will make sure your objective is met.

Our Valuable clients